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Globally billions of dollars have accumulated in pension funds, a huge potential source of investment to give cleantech a boost. The partnership between GCCA and P80 Group Foundation ensures that from now on the big money will also find its way to small projects too. As a Flemish cleantech company turn it to your advantage!

Apart from celebrating the ten Later Stage Award winners in ten cleantech categories, GCCA, the organisation that brings together and supports all the cleantech clusters worldwide, made an unparalleled announcement at its annual meeting on 20 November in Lahti, Finland: from now on GCCA will be working closely with the P80 Group Foundation. This initiative enjoys the explicit support of the 93 former presidents and former prime ministers brought together in the Club de Madrid by the Little Rock Accord, which was signed in Clinton’s home town in December 2012. In it the former world leaders promise to do all they can to help accelerate the introduction of cleantech. So what, you might think?

One of the specific lines of action means that from now on smaller cleantech projects will also be able to gain access to the huge amounts of capital available in pension funds globally. In the coming months GCCA, together with the 50 cleantech clusters that it brings together worldwide (including FCA), will work out the details to make access to these capital sums possible.

Themes covered in the numerous plenary and parallel sessions included “The New Era of Sustainable Lighting”, Veolia’s Innovation Acceleration Programme for Waste Management and “Corporate Venturing for Technology Acquisitions and Industrial Symbiosis”.

FCA also attended some Dealflow pitches by SMEs giving a presentation in the area of the subjects mentioned above. The previous day they all had training based on the Keystone Compact, a method for the tighter organisation of your company and presenting it for value capturing and investability. On 10 February the workshop is coming to Flanders. Turn it to your advantage and make sure you’re there. Further information can be found in the “Events and Opportunities” section.

Christian Hauselmann (SwissCleantech and co-Founder of GCCA) outlines the need to make the large capital sums of pension funds accessible to smaller cleantech projects.

The Estonian IoT Technologies during its sales pitch for a smart street light control solution: significant energy savings by using smart networking technology.

“How are we different” – always a smart way of turning the spotlight on your company’s USPs. Here the Finnish The Switch at work.

Peter Adriaens, University of Michigan, gives the audience a Keystone Compact crash course: on 10 February the workshop is taking place in Flanders.

And how did the GCCA Later Stage Awards go?

The full list of winners in the ten categories can be found here. Unfortunately, no Flemish winner this year.