Ghent Bio-EconomyValley (GBEV) supports the development of activities related to bio energy in the Flemish sub-region around Ghent.  It is an initiative of the University of Ghent, City of Ghent, Port of Ghent, the Development Agency East Flanders and a number of industrial partners in the Ghent region that are active in the fields of generation, distribution, storage and use of bio energy and bio-based products. The objectives of GBEV are:

  • Promoting technological innovation
  • Industrial integration and clustering
  • Public acceptance and awareness

On 12 December 2008, Europe, Flanders and the Netherlands allocated 21 million euros to Bio Base Europe, the largest Interreg project ever in the Flemish-Dutch border region. Bio Base Europe is the result of a partnership between GBEV and Biopark Terneuzen, and their respective shareholders. Bio Base Europe has research and training facilities for bio-based activities. The aim is to accelerate the development of a sustainable bio-based economy in Europe.