Which technologies help to move the world to a more sustainable future by 2030? FCA offers 15 free tickets to its registered member companies* for participation at the 3-day G-STIC conference organized by VITO from 23rd till 25th of October 2017. For some companies and technologies, a free spot on the Exhibition island at Tour&Taxis is offered. Interested?

*(Registration to become an FCA member company is free of charge and can be done here

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 internationally agreed ambitious goals to move the world to a more sustainable future by 2030. Which technologies are able to achieve these SDGs?

From 23rd till 25th of October 2017, VITO is organizing the G-STIC conference in Tour&Taxis in Brussels. The goal of G-STIC is to accelerate the development, dissemination and deployment of technology innovations with significant impact on the SDGs. The focus is on integrated technological solutions working together as a “system”, rather than on stand-alone, fragmented technologies.

The themes and Exhibitor Islands are:

  • Agroecology for sustainable food systems - Exploring agro-ecological approaches to sustainable food production systems
  • Circular economy - The role of Industry 4.0 as a technological driver for the Circular Economy
  • Energy positive communities - Energy access for off-grid or poorly grid connected communities & Innovative grid connected communities
  • Sustainable technology for low-income communities - Exploring the development and delivery of life-improving innovations
  • Urban electric mobility: Urban Electric Mobility in Action – Delivering on the New Urban Agenda
  • Smart water - From data management to digital water – The water system innovation
  • Urban design and sustainable building - Building design and energy efficiency
  • Waste water as a resource - From waste water to resourceful water – the science, technology and practice transformation

For a limited number of FCA-companies active in one of these type of solutions, FCA can offer a free ticket for the conference. Priority goes to companies able to link their G-STIC presence with a contribution at the EU Cleantech Forum 2018 (14-16 May 2018 in Antwerp).

In some cases, there is an opportunity to exhibit at one of the Islands in the networking hall of G-STIC at Tour&Taxis.


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Deadline: 26 September 2017


More information: Carine Van Hove, carine.vanhove@fca.be , +32 493 51 42 72

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