Earlier this year and after consultation with Flemish Cleantech investors and opinion makers, FCA nominated 10 of its Flemish Cleantech company members for the different categories of the GCCA Later Stage Award.  This award selects the most promising Later Stage companies worldwide and rewards them with the exposure that they need to succeed in their aims.

All nominated companies are screened on their capacity to create value from their business model. For this thorough analysis GCCA uses the KeyStone Compact™ method. This screening is realized by the assessment team of Corymbus, Inc. in Michigan/US. Each assessed company receives a standard assessment feedback (at no cost).

SMAPPEE is winner of the GCCA Later Stage Awards in the category “Green Building”.

The names of the 10 winners are listed below:

  1. Smappee, Flanders
  2. Wattwatchers, Australia
  3. Visedo, Finland
  4. Origami Energy, Cambridge
  5. BestMile, Swiss
  6. Banyan Nation, India
  7. EcoRobotics, Swiss
  8. HubControls, Ireland
  9. Sulapac, Finland
  10. Iteros, San Diego

Later Stage Awards Ceremony

The GCCA Later Stage Awards ceremony will be held on October 31st in London/UK

Information & registration

For more information on the GCCA Award 2017 Ceremony and registration please visit:  http://www.cleantechday.com/london/

United Kingdom