Dear cleantech colleagues,

Quantity breeds quality, God must have thought when he gave Flanders as many as 4 top-class sea ports. A little healthy competition between these ports can’t be a bad thing, and as a region of connected ports, Flanders offers a wealth of benefits! There may well be a number of shared values on which all four base their activities, but each port has also proved to have a unique selling point. And it is that smart specialisation that we would like to focus on in this newsletter.

After all, these USPs offer numerous benefits for foreign companies, including SMEs, if they establish themselves in Flanders.  As far as our Flemish companies are concerned, who have found a test bed on which to carry out experiments in a secure setting, it provides a springboard for exporting expertise worldwide!

FCA took part in the State visit to Denmark. We will list the interesting relationships that can be formed between Belgium and Denmark for your cleantech company.

And, last but not least, we will focus on two major cleantech events: EU Cleantech Forum in Helsinki, and the working visit with B2B opportunities to Israel, organised by the City of Antwerp.

Enjoy your read !

Carine Van Hove
Managing Director FCA

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