Dear cleantech colleagues

Flanders is known as a worldwide champion when it comes to smart waste management. This not only applies to aspects regarding regulation, enforcement and monitoring, thanks to OVAM, but also to research. An American company contacted the Flemish institute VITO to investigate whether recycled material from batteries can be used as a nutrient for maize cultivation!

With such a framework, Flanders is also a smart breeding ground for companies and an industry active in waste processing, which helps with resolving waste issues in Europe and far beyond its borders.

In this newsletter, we are inspired by Go4Circle, the new name under which FEBEM has initiated the war on waste. Go4Circle combines no fewer than 220 companies that offer innovative technologies and concepts for smartly and safely recycling waste.

And the waste is about to arrive! Not only from our own region. Thanks to the ‘Flanders Recycling Hub’ initiative of the Flemish Institute for Logistics (Vlaams Instituut voor Logistiek, VIL), we are inviting waste streams from every corner of the globe to come to Flanders and start a new life here; in short: we are a hub where materials are supplied, recovered and re-exported. The Flemish ports play a key role in this.

It was difficult to choose from the countless Flemish companies that are worth a place in the limelight! We selected Rursus, BULK .ID and TOP-MIX. The three companies are specialists in different materials or concepts, which once again illustrates the wide spread that Flanders can handle in the field of smartly handling waste and materials. Other companies, such as Umicore, Galloo, Van Hees Metalen, E-Max, etc., have already been covered.

Finally: as every year, FCA will be visiting the EU Cleantech Forum with a delegation of Flemish cleantech companies in Helsinki from 16 to 18 May 2017. This Finnish edition will be even more interesting than the previous ones, as on 18 May, a full programme block will be dedicated to the role of Flanders and how this is smartly linked to Finland. You should therefore register on time, as some benefits unfortunately only apply to the first five companies registering! (register here)

Enjoy reading !

Carine Van Hove
Managing Director

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