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The Flanders Cleantech Association brings together the Flemish cleantech companies and supporting players in a robust Flemish Cleantech Cluster, pursuing maximum standing abroad in influential networks, new markets, potential investors and cleantech innovation projects.

FCA maintains global contacts with other cleantech clusters and associations. Together we carry out a technology gap analysis to draw out the opportunities for collaboration with our Flemish cleantech companies. The collaboration between a Flemish and a foreign cleantech company starts with a carefully defined and ‘safe’ subproject, which allows both partners to get to know each other, resulting in mutual trust and a readiness in the long term to embark upon a more profound partnership.

Five good reasons why you will want to take advantage of the FCA’s services:

  1. On the international stage the FCA is the one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about clean technologies in Flanders. The FCA will put you into contact with people interested in your products, services and know-how about cleantech opportunities all over the world.
  2. The FCA has the right contacts with and access to important regions for cleantech (China, India, etc). Such a gateway can significantly shorten your search for interesting projects.
  3. The FCA can count on the independent advice of its parent organisation VITO, which fulfils the role of Strategic Research Centre for cleantech in Flanders. As a result the FCA can carry out well substantiated technology gap analyses and assess the position that your clean technology offering occupies in the value chain in the foreign situation. A trump card that may count where technology scouting and technological due diligence are concerned!
  4. The FCA is familiar with many markets, exploring and filtering the cleantech opportunities in promising regions. In this way you will learn whether further action is worthwhile in a safe and well documented way. The FCA also maintains relationships with the right partners in non-technological areas, which may direct you to customised professional advice for your company.
  5. Thanks to VITO and its support of the Flemish government FCA services are free of charge for registered companies. The FCA focuses on content and added value for your company and Flanders, not on the payment of membership fees.