ZiggZagg provides services to creative people with an eye for design and a head full of ideas.
Do you have an idea for a 3dprintable product but don't have the skills to draw a 3D model on the computer. No problem! We provide you with the assistance of a product developer or designer, which will convert your idea into a printable 3D model.
Once you have a printable 3D model on the computer, you can contact us for a wide range of print technologies. We tailor the printing process on your needs. Therefore we are constantly looking for new printers, materials and methods to achieve ever-higher achievements of your idea.

Producten en diensten

Products and services 3D printing

We offer a wide range of 3D printing services to our customers, from small scale FDM prints and high-volume printing to special SLS SLA (resin) prints and large prints up to 1 cubic meter. We help you with the right combination of materials and printers to realize your product in the best possible conditions. We also offer a wide variety of finishing techniques to make the 3D printing which best suits your needs.

3D Design

We help you from idea to printable 3D CAD file. Not only do we keep your idea in mind, but we also see how we can optimize designs for 3D printing so that we can save material without sacrificing quality. This will always give you the best possible price and provides cleaner production.

3D Scanning

Through reverse engineering of existing products we can customize the design of a new product through the point cloud created by the 3D scanner. We scan objects in from 2cm up to buildings.

Training & Education

We help the your designers to a higher knowledge of additive manufacturing. We offer training courses for the beginner and the expert. Imparting our knowledge to your designers, leading to a more efficient design process in which the iteration process can be reduced learning curve is accelerated.

Small series production

We will help you not only in your prototyping needs, but we also help you with it grow in the direction of the production. We offer a wide range of production methods between 3D printing your prototyping and vacuum molding. Finding the right production at a certain stage of the life cycle of your product is our expertise.

Digital manufacturing

Our core focus is your product. If that means using other digital manufacturing methods are necessary or efficient, then we are more than willing to advise you on the appropriate method for your product. Or laser cutting, CNC milling or other hybrid forms, such as vacuum forming 3D printed molds.

Workshops for Companies

Would you introduce your employees with 3D printing we come to you on the business along to a workshop. In smaller groups, we teach the basic concepts of 3D printing.

Large Scale 3D printing

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